Launch of Axxon Next VMS platform

Wiesbaden, Germany

Axxonsoft has released Axxon Next, an open, distributed next-generation video management software platform.
According to the company this new product offers users a whole new level of functionality, reliability, performance and usability because the Axxon Next has no limit on system size. Axxon Next–based systems can include an infinite number of video servers and cameras.

In addition to being scalable, the software is stable due to the micromodule architecture of Axxon Next which allows the implementation of different video management system functions as well as different operating system processes. Each function is the responsibility of a different micromodule, and a dispatcher module monitors the functioning of the micromodules. If a function encounters an error or a process is terminated unexpectedly, the dispatcher module automatically relaunches the corresponding micromodule. This does not affect the performance of other processes or the overall VMS performance. After a micromodule is first written, its code undergoes automated functional testing, substantially reducing the likelihood of errors in the code.

A special file system, Solidstore, saves users from the bane of video footage storage: standard file systems that are susceptible to damage. Solidstore prevents file fragmentation from ever taking place, thus making video archive access much faster and extending the service life of hard disks. Since there are no critical data blocks necessary for disk functioning, Solidstore-based archives offer an unsurpassed level of video storage reliability.

All Axxon Next licenses include 10 video detection tools as well as Time Compressor, which allows quick viewing of archive contents without needing to fast-forward. Time Compressor shows on screen all objects that entered the camera’s view during a certain period. The operator then simply clicks to switch to playback in normal mode.

The interface and ease of use were given painstaking attention during the development process. Based on extensive research, Axxon Next now includes an interactive 3D map, which combines a site map in a single window with camera locations and live video feeds. Operators can instantly pinpoint where an event is taking place, monitoring a situation without switching between screens or programme windows. The interface design allows both the map and video to be shown on a single screen.

According to Axxonsoft the Axxon Next VMS maintains the company's philosophy that everyone deserves the best in security, no matter who they are or what their budget is. There are no "enterprise", "professional" or "basic" versions – all functions are fully available in all systems of any size, regardless of the price or number of video channels. Small sites can benefit from an absolutely free, fully functional single-server version that supports 16 video channels and archives of up to 1 Tb. If more video channels or archive space are required, users can upgrade to the commercial version, which offers a fixed price for each additional video channel.

Owners of Axxon Smart Pro can obtain a free upgrade to Axxon Next, by simply downloading and installing Axxon Next on top of an existing Axxon Smart Pro installation.

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