Latest Cathexisvision upgrade released

Durban, South Africa

Cathexisvision 2020 has recently been released and includes several software features and enhancements.

As part of the enhancements the already extensive video analytics suite has received a major boost through the addition of the company's Object Classification algorithms, which use sophisticated neural network technology. These algorithms have enabled Cathexis to add an additional “rule” to the decision-making process by only triggering events if the detected object is of a pre-determined type, for example person, vehicle, or animal. This feature is able to dramatically reduces false alarms and provides more accurate information for users who rely on event triggers to make informed decisions.

The camera wizard has also been improved and refreshed. This feature explains all the steps needed to add a camera, as well as allowing the creation of databases, schedules, and events along the way. In 2020, the end stage of the camera wizard has been made more efficient and scheduled recordings, motion recordings, and analytics recordings can be configured here. The wizard now also supports configuration of camera access rights. These latest innovations result in less hassle for users and clear, easy-to-follow camera addition guidelines .

A simplified “motion recording” feature has also been introduced, which enables users to very quickly add motion recording to cameras or groups of cameras. While this feature does include some advanced settings (like flare and noise reduction), it does not replace the existing advanced video analytics and event management system, which remains in place for more sophisticated configurations.

Video ageing has been developed in response to customer demand for video to be managed more economically, both in terms of space and size. Cathexis has answered this call by building a dynamic tool for their 2020 software. This feature allows video footage in one database to be transcoded, in a reduced size, and stored for a longer time in a second database. The goal is for the video to take up less space, so that more days of recording can be stored. The benefit is greater freedom for users to make the most of their video space.

Optional database shredding is a new feature that enables permanently destroying video older than the user-defined recording limit. This option offers the benefit of securing data privacy and security by destroying information and preventing it from getting into the wrong hands. The feature also has the secondary advantage of freeing up the database, and removing the worry of running out of recording space. It makes an invaluable contribution to the software, giving users greater power and agency over how recording is stored.

Cathexis is defined by its powerful integration capability and the metadatabase stores third party system information. Knowledge of, and control over, the metadatabase is achieved through scheduled metadatabase reporting, which allows users to create and edit reports, as well as search the metadatabase to extract information. Extended filtering has been added in to the 2020 software to scheduled metadatabase reports, which enhances the reporting process, making it even easier for users to find the information they are looking for.

Cathexis integrates with a number of third party systems and in 2020, the company has further extended the reach of their range of integrations, including, Dynamass weighbridge; ISS SecurOS license; plate recognition; Honeywell Winpak Access control system; Jablotron alarm panels through the Jablotron Cloud; Mettler Toledo scales; and Prodevtech point-of-sale devices.


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