Korenix monitoring provides solution for remote power plants

Taipei, Taiwan

Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronics Group Company, has released its latest Remote Monitoring Solution that has been specially designed for Power Plant Distributed Control Systems applications; a large amount of Industrial Cellular Router/Gateways are applied in the network to provide high reliability for field data transmission.

Industrial Control Systems are a necessary part of the critical infrastructure for power utilities. Distributed Control Systems (DCS) offer an extensive choice of possibilities to effectively support the implementation of complex control systems. These systems provide unprecedented opportunities to improve productivity, reduce impact on the environment, and facilitate energy independence.

To enhance the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) in power substation plants, a system integration company has chosen to implement Korenix Jetwave Industrial Cellular Router/Gateway with Dual SIM Redundant and Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port Routing/Bridging within the network infrastructure to achieve a highly reliable and secured real-time data transmission.

5000+ Korenix Jetwave 2310 Industrial Cellular Router/Gateways are used in the cabinets at field level to connect to various measuring devices such as IO sensors, thermometers, and humidity control equipment through the 100/1000Base-TX ports. The collected data can then be transmitted through a cellular device back to the control centre. The Dual SIM Standby for LTE Redundancy feature ensures reliable data transmission and the Secure VPN Connectivity feature provides secure communication between the central office and the remote sites through the public Internet.

The enhanced redundancy and security functions of the Jetwave 2310 ensure high performance of data transmission inside the networks. As the product offers Korenix NMS software, it can automatically perform device discovery, which allows the users to monitor networks easily and efficiently. Moreover, an inbound/outbound firewall mechanism helps to improve device security to avoid unexpected traffic.

In addition to the above features, the Jetwave 2310 was chosen for the project because of its industrial-grade design. With Heavy Industrial Grade design and -25~70°C operating temperatures, the Jetwave 2310 can resist the often severe conditions in power field sites.

Combining the exclusive redundancy technologies into the intelligent design, the Jetwave 2310 has been designed as an ideal solution to provide a reliable DCS network construction in power plants.


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