Irisity Agent Vi combination brings Iris+platform

Gothenburg, Sweden

Irisity AB is introducing the Iris+, the company's next generation AI-powered video analytics solution. Iris+ is offered as a highly scalable, comprehensive solution that combines Irisity's expertise in behavioural analytics with Agent Vi's platform for scalable distributed analytics.

Iris+ promises leading performance in a platform designed to support customisation and more advanced industry-specific vertical offerings in the future.

Iris+ offers to enhance the already rich AI capabilities of Agent Vi’s Innovi and Irisity's Iris platforms with broad object classification for the highest accuracy levels in the most challenging environments. A flexible and scalable analytics solution incorporating advanced versions of commonly used analytics, Iris+ also offers a streamlined user experience and new statistics functionality. A new planning tool empowers integrators and end users to outline their Iris+ deployments based on specific needs.

Iris+ supports installations of all sizes and can be applied to any number of cameras, bringing an attractive TCO. Its high availability and full redundancy limit the opportunity for system downtime or data loss. Seamless automated backups, upgrades, 24/7 network, and camera health monitoring simplifies management and service requirements. The solution is available for both cloud and on-premises environments.

"Irisity and Agent Vi have served the security market for more than 20 years, and we are as committed today to solving our customer's most complex problems as we were when we first began our journey," said AJ Frazer, Chief Revenue Officer, Irisity. "Businesses have become painfully aware that yesterday's video analytic platforms are insufficient to provide adequate protection to solve modern security challenges. Iris+ elevates video analytics capabilities and emphasises intelligence to ensure reliability and detection within complex, high-risk environments."

Iris+ is the first analytics platform released since Irisity acquired Agent Vi in 2021. The combined company is focused on delivering innovations to improve security and safety while optimising security resources.


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