Idemia adds AI to Morphowave Compact

Paris, France

In this latest upgrade, Idemia’s new AI-based embedded biometric engine delivers an 85% increase in matching speed.

With over 40 years’ experience as a world leader in biometrics, Idemia has successfully merged the benefits of AI with its expertise in fundamental biometric principles. This ongoing investment in R&D has led to the next major breakthrough in fingerprint identification, pushing the boundaries even further with the enhanced Morphowave Compact, now powered by AI.

Idemia first launched a highly secure, frictionless access control biometric device with Morphowave several years ago, successfully answering market demand in the industry. The touchless 3D fingerprint technology has been adopted by organisations around the globe, as customers understand the importance and value of positive biometric identification combined with high throughput and convenience. According to Idemia, the release of Morphowave Compact last year has reinforced this leading position. In line with Idemia’s strategy to enable frictionless access everywhere, this game changer for the industry has been rapidly adopted across a wide range of verticals.

In this latest upgrade, Idemia’s new AI-based embedded biometric engine delivers an 85% increase in matching speed, which translates to a 25% increase in throughput of over 50 people per minute per access point. The algorithms further increase matching accuracy, enable higher capacity (up to 100,000 users for one-to-many identification) and bring particular benefit when dealing with the most challenging fingerprints.

This latest update can be leveraged by both new and existing Morphowave Compact customers - demonstrating Idemia's commitment not just to market development, but also to presenting itself as a trusted long-term partner in biometric security solutions.

"Technology is evolving at an incredible rate and it is constantly challenging and redefining customer practices. At Idemia, innovation and pushing the boundaries is part of our DNA. This latest innovation is another step towards the future of biometric identification and allows us to remain a leader in Augmented Identity." Yves Portalier, Executive Vice President of the Connected Objects business unit at Idemia.


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