I-Pro to introduce "Mercury based intrusion detection" at ISC West

Tokyo, Japan and Las Vegas, Nv (USA)

At ISC West 2023 I-Pro is set to release its latest Monitorcast access control software. The new version adds Mercury-based intrusion detection to Monitorcast which provides a unified solution between access control and intrusion detection without requiring third-party hardware or integrations.

Adding an intrusion detection system (IDS) to access control allows users to control physical access to certain buildings or locations, while also monitoring these places as well. An IDS mimics a burglary system by monitoring entry points such as windows, doors, and more and alerts operators during forced entry, a broken window, or similar events.

“Intrusion detection is supported by other systems, but they typically rely on third-party hardware and integration to support the feature,” says Jason Garcia, Product Manager at I-Pro Americas Inc. “Monitorcast uses the functionality within the Mercury SDK to utilise the existing supported hardware. Since third-party party hardware or software is not required, it simplifies design and implementation for both integrator and the end-user.”

Monitorcast is a browser-based application that can be managed from any location with network access. Part of I-Pro’s Video Insight VMS, it offers a user-friendly design which makes installation, training, and day-to-day navigation simple and easy compared to competing systems.

Key features include:

Active Directory Synchronization – AD Sync allows Monitorcast to add, remove and migrate cardholders to another group in real-time. This helps users maintain a self-sustaining application that requires minimal user interaction.

Custom Server Based Rules – Mercury hardware on its own has limited flexibility when creating rules. Monitorcast adds a server-side section that extends rule creation across intelligent controllers, which Mercury does not support.

Video Insight Integration - Monitorcast is an enterprise access control application that seamlessly integrates with the Video Insight VMS. It includes a browser-based UI, rules manager, real-time reporting dashboard, and is easy to use.

Free Badge Printing Software - Badge printing software is included as part of the installation which does not require additional licensing to use.

“Overall, the latest release (v4.8) of Monitorcast access control software provides users with a comprehensive solution for both access control and intrusion detection, all within a single, easy-to-use platform,” says Garcia.


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