Huperlab 3D area people counter

Taipei, Taiwan

Today's people counting solutions generally count people crossing detection lines, but are often unable to measure crowd status in a certain area directly. Huperlab has launched a 3D Area Counter as an innovative and reliable solution to count people in real-time in a given area.

Huperlab 3D Area Counter can notify on site staff when the number of people reaches a limit. In addition to people counting, the 3D tracking database allows further various analysis to improve the management and the security. Such as analysing hot zones, customer flow to improve store management, monitoring the crowd status of bus/metro stops to rearrange the public transportation schedule, counting the waiting pedestrians to control the traffic lights at intersections, watching the critical campus/community areas to prevent bullying events in advance, etc.

According to the company, the embedded innovative Huperlab 3D technology in its 3D camera achieves a high accuracy level of up to 98%. The 3D camera is designed for both outdoor and indoor usage with high tolerance to critical weather conditions, and sudden light/shadow changes on the ground. The Polygonal Detection Area within its rich functions is able to detect unstructured crowd situations.  

The Huperlab 3D camera supports the filtering of height range and body size settings.  The count number, coloured tracking frames, and people's heights captured by the 3D camera can be displayed on monitors and at control centres; in addition, that information can be sent out as notifications and sound alerts when crowd status reaches a programmed limitation. The 3D tracking database can be used for further field-dependent business/security analysis.

The information generated by the 3D camera, such as crowd notification, peak-time management, flow analysis, and hot zone analysis, can be used for retail business management. In addition, it can be applied at road intersections for traffic control and for public transportation scheduling; the 3D camera can be a major part of Smart Transportation system.

For example, in a department store on a branded stand, the 3D Area Counters are installed above the spaces in front of the commodity shelves and cashiers. The flow analysis helps improve the shelf layout. The hot zone information shows where the interesting merchandise is. The notification of a crowded waiting queue will indicated to staff to open more cashier desks in time to reduce the waiting time for service.

Alternatively, in a transportation scenario, one important factor contributing to customer satisfaction is bus waiting time. In this situation, a 3D Area Counter can be installed at each bus stop to count the number of people waiting for buses. The bus control centre is then able to collate the people count from all bus stops, and based on the status, can rearrange the bus schedule to accommodate the number of people and reduce waiting times, thereby increasing client satisfaction.


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