Herta offers added security in a pandemic world

Barcelona, Spain

The latest upgrade to the Bioaccess system includes mask detection.

Today Herta is officially launching a new version of the company's Bioaccess that improves the security of access control in a pandemic world.

The latest upgrade to the Bioaccess system has new functionalities such as mask detection, which helps ensure compliance with current health regulations as well as helping businesses and societies create safer spaces.

In addition, the new version also includes a liveness detection system (antispoofing) that gives an alert when someone tries to use videos or pictures to impersonate an identity. According to Herta, it is thanks to the accuracy of the facial identification algorithms, that this new access control system is able to provide high identification rates despite the use of glasses, caps, changes in facial expression or even while wearing a mask.

Finally, the new Bioaccess includes Wiegand compatibility in order to facilitate automatic door and gate opening.

Herta believes that the company is currently at one of its most innovative stages in recent years. With more than ten years of experience in the market, and customers all around the world, the adaptation to both the new market and the new needs of its partner ecosystem and users, reinforces Herta to continue leading the field of facial recognition and artificial intelligence.


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