Genetec to show new innovations at GSX show

Montreal, Canada

At the GSX show in Orlando, Florida later this month, Genetec will be showcasing the latest version of Security Center (v5.10), the company’s flagship security and analytics platform alongside the latest generation of its Autovu Sharp V ALPR cameras, and Mission Control, the company’s situational intelligence and decision management system. Genetec will also feature solutions to help organisations migrate from their obsolete access control systems and replace outdated technology that could leave them vulnerable to cyber threats.

The latest version of Security Center (v 5.10) bridges the gap between on-premises systems and the Cloud, helping enterprise video surveillance customers migrate to the cloud, while supporting flexible hybrid-cloud architectures. It also makes it easier to connect external systems, and tap external data for use in dashboards, maps, and investigations without relying on complex, specialised integrations. Taking a step further towards unified, enterprise Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS), version 5.10 enables the seamless use of tiered cloud and on-premises storage to manage short- and long-term video archives according to customer needs.

Easy migration from obsolete tech

Synergis, the company’s open architecture IP-based access control solution, can help organisations easily migrate from their obsolete access control systems and replace outdated technology that could leave them vulnerable to cyber threats. Synergis minimizes the amount of hardware to be replaced, allowing customers to upgrade to the latest supported technology at any time, move at their own pace, and work within their available budget. 

The new generation of Autovu Sharp V ALPR cameras provide a future-proof fixed ALPR solution that can be deployed anywhere easily. It is built to deliver machine learning-based ALPR and vehicle analytics on the edge, ensuring high performance in all conditions.

Designed for fixed ALPR installations, the new Sharp V incorporates multiple features like embedded 4G/LTE/ GPS and motorised lenses with zoom and auto-focus. It is ideally suited for a range of applications, such as monitoring entries and exits, capturing license plates at high speed on city streets and highways, managing off-street parking lots and facilities, as well as covering major city access points for wanted vehicles.

Complete incident management

Genetec will also demonstrate the latest version of its Mission Control decision management system that provides organisations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualisation, and complete incident management capabilities. Mission Control allows security personnel to make the right decision when faced with routine tasks or unanticipated situations by ensuring a timely flow of information.

Ideally suited to meet the operational needs of larger, multi-site deployments, Mission Control gives operators a holistic, unified, and map-centric view of their entire security infrastructure. It goes beyond the capabilities of traditional security platforms, enabling organisations to manage the entire lifecycle of incidents and situations, from monitoring incoming sensor data and detecting incidents, all the way through to resolution and auditing.


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