Genetec broadens scope with new Airport Badging Solution

Montreal, Canada

To comply with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s stringent regulations for the credentialing of employees and contractors, airports have to undertake complex and time-consuming processes to issue and administer badges or face hefty fines. To help airports of all sizes automate and simplify this process, Genetec has introduced its new Security Center Airport Badging Solution (ABS).

A key element of the TSA’s Insider Threat Program involves the thorough vetting and credentialing of airport and airline employees prior to being granted unescorted access to secure and sterile areas of an airport. With hundreds to thousands of employees working in and accessing secure zones every day, the vetting, credentialing and badging process in airports can be long and tedious, and is often at the mercy of incompatibility issues between systems that aren’t made to work together.

The new Security Center Airport Badging Solution reduces the need to work with multiple different systems and simplifies the entire badging process. This not only minimizes the risk of potential human error that comes with disparate systems and manual processing, but also streamlines the overall badging process by saving time and increasing efficiency.

Some airports have resorted to a variety of single-purpose systems, while others have chosen a complex Identity Management System (IDMS) to manage their badging process and employee background checks. While both options allow airports to remain compliant with new regulations, these solutions present operational inefficiencies. ABS helps reduce human error that can stem from managing multiple disconnected systems and avoids the complexities of large-scale Identity Management Systems.

“The TSA can show up at any time, in any airport, big or small, and perform a compliance audit of their badging department. Unfortunately, smaller airports have been managing this process using paper, which can be a time-consuming process often resulting in lost information, and potentially large fines for compliance violations. The Genetec Airport Badging Solution provides an industry-first, out-of-the-box, simple solution for these airports to ensure compliance, optimise the badging process, and lower the overhead needed to run a badging department,” explains Joseph Degrassi, Regional Director, Public Sector at Genetec Inc.

ABS provides a simple, turnkey solution for airports that streamlines and automates background checks within their unified physical security platform – Genetec Security Center. With a design based on standards set forth by the TSA and specificities from clearinghouses like AAAE, Security Center ABS helps airports deliver the required information in the correct format to successfully submit and process each employee application, and consistently meet audit and compliance requirements set by authorities.

All data collected on each badge applicant is compiled and stored within the system. Customised dashboards are included within Security Center to showcase insights such as real-time applicant statuses, and unaccounted for badge percentages so that airport administrators can make more informed decisions, especially when it comes to meeting audit and compliance requirements set by the TSA.


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