Intelligent video technologies help enable safe return to work

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Businesses are now gradually reopening in many countries, and people are able to return to restaurants, office buildings, and public spaces. A safe reopening process will rely heavily on effective public health strategies, including increased testing for the virus, social distancing, occupancy restrictions, and cleaning and disinfection activities.

In many countries, temperature measurement and the wearing of masks have been commonly made mandatory in both business and public environments. While social distancing and occupancy restrictions are considered necessary in public areas such as shopping malls and transportation hubs, workplaces like office buildings and industrial parks are looking for solutions featuring authorised entries with confidence.

In lifting the restrictions for businesses and public areas, innovative video technologies can also help organisations meet and exceed health guidelines for safe and effective reopening.

Preliminary temperature screening upon entry

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Unites States has issued new guidelines for reopening offices. The CDC advises daily health checks including temperature screenings before employees enter a workplace. To achieve this, security cameras equipped with thermographic video technology can be an effective tool for rapid and safe initial temperature screening. Applications include, for example, schools, industrial parks, hospitals, office buildings, malls and hotels, etc.

Hikvision’s temperature screening solutions offer various product types including installed thermographic cameras, handheld thermographic cameras, metal detector doors, and Minmoe access terminals that can be flexibly deployed for a wide range of applications.

Wearing masks

Masks are also commonly included in worldwide health guidelines towards reopening. Hence, compliance with this guideline has become crucial to many organisations. Video technology can help monitor the use of protective masks in clever and unobtrusive ways.

AI algorithms can detect whether a person is wearing a mask. The system then triggers a pre-defined action if no mask is detected, such as, for example, a voice prompt or a link to an access system to deny entry. This provides a simple way to monitor the situation, or even to remind people of the rules. Hikvision’s thermal and Acusense cameras, as well as Minmoe temperature screening terminals are equipped to detect masks. A specialised interface on Hikvision’s Deepinmind NVRs can also be used to visually display temperature and mask status together, making monitoring much easier.

Social distancing and density control

In various countries, the recommended physical distancing might differ slightly, but maintaining a distance will remain a key recommendation of health authorities.

In addition, store managers also need to identify and mitigate areas where shoppers may congregate, so as to ensure safe shopping spaces. Technologies incorporating social distancing and occupancy detection can be put into places like these to assist the process.

Hikvision’s Flow Control system utilises highly accurate people counting technology. A clear, dynamic display and real-time alerts ensure pre-defined capacity thresholds are never exceeded, even in locations with multiple entrances and exits, such as, for example, shopping malls and supermarkets. A digital sign can be integrated at entrance areas to display real-time occupancy data, as well as temperature and mask information, letting customers know when it is safe to enter premises.

In waiting areas such as cash registers in supermarkets and indoor ATMs in malls, Hikvision’s video solution provides the necessary features and functionalities to assist with the process of social distancing. These technologies use people counting and 3D modelling to measure the distance between people accurately. The exact measurement can be adjusted, well within the social distancing minimum separation guidelines.

Hygienic touch-free access

Schools and workplaces have previously made use of traditional access control and time attendance systems such as ID card swiping, PIN codes, or fingerprint scans, which require staff and students to frequently touch shared surfaces. This only increases the risk of spreading infection. With touch-free access control terminals, organisations can not only eliminate the risk, but greatly enhance their daily operational efficiency.

Hikvision’s Minmoe temperature screening terminals unify temperature screening, mask detection, and access control & time attendance in one model. The system only grants entries when the guidelines are met, which is particularly useful in highly-populated workplaces like industrial parks and office buildings.

Cutting-edge video technologies can help various organisations better observe instructions and guidance regarding COVID-19 and to address this, Hikvision has launched dedicated product packages for applications, including schools, hospitals, industrial parks, retail stores, office buildings and hotels.


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