Airlive dual band AP router enhances security

Taipei, Taiwan

Airlive has launched a series of new wifi enabled devices, supporting 802.11ac technology - the AC-1200R AP router, with theoretical data rates of wifi AC standard of 1200 Mbps, which are up to 3 times faster than wifi N technology.

A robust wireless network could be a prerequisite for a home security system working efficiently because often the critical issue is whether the quality of the wifi is sufficient to support video streaming - the latest 802.11ac wifi technology is regarded as an ideal solution to meet this need.

Moreover, with high power radios and MIMO technology, it is able to provide up to 2 times the coverage compared to other wireless routers. These features benefit video transfer and allow users to install wireless IP cameras at more locations. Users can exploit the full capabilities of 802.11ac standard while maintaining backwards compatibility with previous wireless technologies, which makes it an ideal solution to improving an existing wireless/wired network. 

In addition to its superior speed and coverage, the 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual band of Airlive AC-1200R is another advantage for building a home security system. The 5 GHz network is less vulnerable to interference and provides stable bandwidth up to 867 Mbps - therefore, it is suitable for video streaming and on-line gaming. The 2.4 GHz radio provides a separate network for computers, tablet PC, and smart phones. By supplying separate network bandwidth for each of the two types of links, the AC-1200R provides maximum flexibility in setting up a home security network. Both radios can be connected with wireless IP cameras depending on their compatibility.

Airlive is also launching another 802.11ac AP product- AC.Top. The AC.Top is a ceiling mount AP which minimizes visibility for installation in public areas such as offices, shopping malls, campuses, hotels, restaurants, clinics and hospitals. The built-in Gigabit PoE port delivers both electricity and data over a single Ethernet cable which makes installation much easier. Both AC.Top and AC-1200R can be managed by Airlive Central Management Software (CMS), which can discover Airlive AP automatically, and allow users to change settings, upgrade firmware across multiple Airlive products at the same time. Airlive AC-1200R and AC.Top are engineered to make wireless security systems more reliable and stable.


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