Dallmeier focuses on multifocal sensor technology in safe cities

Regensburg, Germany

Next week, Dallmeier will be hosting a 45-minute webinar on the topic of "Multifocal sensor technology for the "Safe City": functionality, benefits, real-world examples."

The target group for the webinar includes various stakeholders in the Safe City sector, such as decision makers in the police, cities, municipalities and civic authorities as well as other professionals such as installers or planners.

Following up on the company's proclaimed success of the webinars that were dedicated to the company's multifocal sensor technology for the logistics industry and perimeter protection, Dallmeier will now conduct the next webinar for stakeholders within "Safe City" environments.

Participants will learn for example why in the last three years alone 19 cities throughout Germany have chosen video security solutions from Dallmeier, and how aspects such as economical cost/benefit ratio, GDPR-compliant technology and the future viability of the systems with regard to image quality, video analysis and AI affected those choices.


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