Dahua launches AI XVR with integrated perimeter protection

Hangzhou, China

Dahua Technology’s New AI XVR

Dahua Technology has launched three new AI XVR products—the DH-XVR8208A-4K-I, DH-XVR8216A-4KL-I, and XVR8816S-4KL-I. Offering effective perimeter protection, face recognition and metadata search technology, they are applicable to numerous industries ranging from retail to banking and real estate.

Being cost-effective and user-friendly, Dahua AI XVRs aim to create more value to users. With 8/16 channel perimeter protection, the XVR intelligently avoids false alarms from less important objects such as falling leaves and rain, and send alarms only when identifying human or vehicle, therefore hostile intrusion can be contained, potential losses can be reduced, and manpower can be saved.

The AI-powered face recognition technology behind these XVR products enjoys a high reputation in the industry, winning several first prizes in international competitions. Being acknowledged on performance for both efficiency and accuracy, Dahua Face Recognition is able to trigger an alarm for suspects on a blacklist whilst allowing authorised people to pass through on a white list, it can also trigger alerts for approaching strangers.

Utilising 4 channel metadata search functions, the new XVR products are smart search enabled, capable of automatically extracting face feature attributes, including gender, age, glasses, masks, beard, facial expressions, and target object modelling. Furthermore, the new products offer enhanced process efficiency as well as reduced time and labour cost with the integration of a powerful, multicore CPU. Providing human-related metadata to platforms, Dahua Technology’s AI XVRs allow potential business applications realised by third-party software and algorithms.

Holding Dahua Technology’s patented HDCVI technology, these new AI XVR products feature long distance transmission, seamless upgrading, and IoT into analogue monitoring—all while maintaining perfect 4K resolution over coax. Dahua has already launched several series of cameras, recorders, and network video servers. With its extensive portfolio of front-end and back-end products with HDCVI technology, Dahua solutions can be easily integrated into self-contained systems to satisfy the needs of both system integrators and users.

Integrating intelligent perimeter protection, advanced face recognition, powerful metadata search and HDCVI technology, Dahua Technology’s AI XVRs are designed to bolster video security to offer a safe, efficient, and intelligent environment.


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