Cathexisvision 2019 packs a punch

Greyville, South Africa

The latest Cathexisvision software release offers several new features, enhancements to existing features, and provides a greater emphasis on privacy and security.

In a continuation to strive to provide world leading software by using innovation to improve effectiveness and flexibility for all market sectors some innovative new features have been included.

Cathexisvision Video Analytics now uses Neural Network technology to enable the classification of objects (e.g, humans, vehicles, animals, etc). When added to the sophisticated video analytics suite (which includes line-crossing, speed detection, loitering, counting, and many others), object classification enhances the ability to create a more accurate decision-making environment, dramatically reduce false alarms and improve the effectiveness of the system.

In addition to real-time alerts, a new Object Classification database is also provided which allows users to search for objects, associated metadata and video footage for effective forensic analysis.

Also, in accordance with Cathexis' ongoing quest to ensure system and data integrity, the company has added improved cyber security measures to the system. In addition to the existing secure, internal systems communication encryption, Cathexisvision now supports encryption for all external site connections and offers four, selectable encryption levels. A secure IP camera connection and data encryption to further enhance security has also been added.

Heat-maps can be applied as overlays to selected cameras for a quick overview of areas of motion within a camera view. The heat-map shows a colour-map overlay on the video depicting the amount of motion within that camera view over a selected period of time. This feature is ideal for retail environments, traffic, car parks, public facilities and many other areas where users may need awareness of different traffic densities within a camera view.

The new bookmarking feature provides a simple way to “bookmark” and recall specific moments or incidents that are identified on live or pre-recorded footage. This feature enables users to name the bookmark and save it in our bookmark database. It then enables users to find the bookmark with some easy search filters and return to the precise “bookmarked” moment in time, where it will present them with the exact camera layouts that they were viewing at that time. This feature forms part of the company's growing feature set that is designed to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency in the control room environment.

The feature provides the ability to ensure that cameras are always showing the desired view, minimising the risk of deliberate, or inadvertent, camera tampering or position shifts. Any movement of the camera or change in the camera view against a reference image will be displayed along with the percentage difference.

Additionally, a sophisticated Adaptive Pattern Matching algorithm ensures that even in variable environmental conditions the reference image comparisons are accurate. This means that if a camera reference image is captured in the daytime, the algorithm will “adapt” when comparing the view against a night-time image.

Cathexis has also added more camera integration support to the 1000’s of cameras that are already supported. The company has added over 400 new IP camera integrations, including cameras from Arecont, ARH, Axis, Avtech, Bosch, Cisco, CP Plus, Dedicated Micros, Mobotix, Pelco, Sightlogix, Truvision, Uniview, Vivotek. 3rd party integrations have also been expanded to include Dahua, Dedicated Micros, Gallagher, Hikvision, Honeywll, JVA, Maxxess, Lenel, Paradox, Risco and Truvision.


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