Brickcom to launch new AI products and solutions

Hsinchu, Taiwan

In surveillance applications the scenario can be quite different and more of a challenge

Brickcom, a leading provider of IP video product solutions, is all set to launch new AI products and solutions in the upcoming season.

Brickcom's new Edge AI solution recognises human faces, bodies, gestures, objects and scenes on the device for specific visual recognition in smart home and smart surveillance applications.

In addition, Brickcom Edge AI computing capabilities allow cameras to instantly detect multiple faces, verify identities, and recognise dangerous objects. Brickcom Edge AI provides better reliability of operations and enhanced security for the computing. It also reduces the costs for data communication, because less data will be transmitted.

Facial recognition systems establish the presence of an authorised person rather than just checking whether a valid identification or key is being used or whether the user knows the secret personal identification numbers or passwords.

Access control is one of the main applications for this technology.  In many of the access control applications, such as office access or computer logon, the size of the group of people that needs to be recognised is relatively small. The face pictures are also caught under natural conditions, such as frontal faces and indoor illumination. The face recognition system of this application can achieve high accuracy without much co-operation from user.

Today more than ever, security is a primary concern at airports and for airline office staff and passengers. Airport protection systems that use face recognition technology have been implemented at many airports around the world.

In surveillance applications the scenario can be quite different and more of a challenge. Like security applications in public places, surveillance by face recognition systems has a low user satisfaction level, if not lower. Free lighting conditions, face orientations and other divisors all make the deployment of face recognition systems for large scale surveillance a challenging task.

Brickcom will also be launching a smart wireless battery intrusion camera in Q4 2019.


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