Androvideo's AI camera for security & safety

Taipei, Taiwan

Androvideo, a company that makes smart real world AI solutions and also focuses on edge AIoT camera solutions, will be exhibiting for the first time at Sectech Stockholm from November 19th-20th, 2019.  Sectech takes place in Stockholm every other year, and is part of a series of conferences based in Northern Europe focused on security technologies. Androvideo will showcase its latest Edge-Side AI camera solutions aimed at improving property security and safety.

The thing that makes AI cameras different from traditional security systems is the ability to predict crimes before they happen, as well as added privacy protection.  Androvideo’s AI camera solutions offer a new, low-cost way to provide property security, and prevent violence and crime.

“AI cameras can think like a person to quickly analyse a stranger’s face and body to identify who they are, their current state of mind, and what actions they are likely to take, so that we can detect people who pose a threat to our safety,” said Will Wang, Sales Director of Androvideo.

Also, Androvideo’s cameras help protect people’s privacy and are fully compliant with the EU’s GDPR. The Edge-Side series of cameras keeps all data stored on the camera instead of in the cloud, while the face mosaic technology ensures that all faces are pixelated in real-time.

Androvideo’s Edge-Side AI solution includes features and benefits, including high capacity, in that the facial recognition engine can register more than 10,000 people; the solution protects privacy as faces are pixelated in the camera front end.  It also offers age & gender detection, with, according to the company, up to 95% accuracy.  The ease of use assures that In most cases just one photo is needed to identify someone and a powerful processor can detect over 30 people in one frame. 

The system also incorporates a feature called tose estimation, where it is able to analyse body positioning to predict intent and a virtual fence anti-intrusion alarm can offer to detect the difference between human and non-human intruders to prevent false alarms; additionally,  the long range provided means that the camera can detect up to a distance of 18 metres.

The company brings AI to the camera to make it smarter and more efficient. Androvideo's camera is equipped with facial recognition, human detection, pose detection, age & gender detection for wide and various market applications, such as retail, education, business intelligence and the security industry. In addition to camera products, the company also offers a fully integrated solution.  


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