Addsecure Iris 4 gains NFA2P certification

Stockholm, Sweden and Lyon, France

Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé, Manager at AddSecure Smart Alarms, France

Addsecure Smart Alarms’ customers in France can now benefit from a solution that complies with the requirements of insurance companies for the transmission of their alarms, as the company has gained NFA2P certification for the Iris-4 - 4 terminal.

The Iris-4 - 4 terminal connects to any alarm panel, and offers a very flexible choice of grade 2 to 4 signalling options. Insurance companies require alarm transmitters to be certified in order to approve the insurance, and the Iris-4 -4 is the first RTC-IP alarm transmitter to obtain the relevant French NFA2P certification.

Resulting from the association between the NF (French standard) and A2P (prevention protection alarm) standards, the NFA2P label is granted to products that meet all the criteria of the specifications defined jointly by AFNOR (French Association for Standardization) and the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection). In addition to laboratory tests and periodic checks to maintain certification, an audit of manufacturing sites is also carried out. Required by insurance companies, all these different verifications constitute the justification for the high level of security of NFA2P certified alarms.

By obtaining the NFA2P certification for its Iris-4 - 4 terminals, Addsecure is able to guarantee the security and control of the communications of its solutions. Indeed, with this certification, the customer is assured of the highest level of efficiency, of the quality of manufacturing and design (NF) but also of compliance with standards (A2P) of its alarm equipment. Alarms conforming to this French standard also have the advantage of demonstrating perfect resistance to attempts at neutralization such as destruction, deactivation, tampering or jamming.

“Obtaining NFA2P certification for our Iris-4 - 4 terminals is a real asset for Addsecure. In fact, our customers are assured of buying a high-quality security product that meets the French standards and therefore the regulations of their insurance company in the event of a claim”, said Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé, at Addsecure Smart Alarms, France.


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