Addsecure integrates with Honeywell Maxpro intrusion solution

Stockholm, Sweden

Stefan Albertsson, CEO, Addsecure

Addsecure, a leading European provider of premium solutions for secure data and critical communications, has added support for Honeywell’s next-generation intruder panel, Maxpro Intrusion, to its existing communications solution Addsecure Inside.

This technology integration includes monitored alarm transmission services to deliver exceptional savings and value to customers.

By integrating Addsecure Inside with Maxpro Intrusion, installers and integrators will benefit from simplified ordering, installation and deployment, as well as the opportunity of generating new revenue streams with the subscription model linked to the solution. The integration eliminates the need for an external alarm transmission terminal and separate SIM subscriptions, saving customers time and money.

With the integration, the Honeywell Maxpro panel acts as the alarm transmission terminal (SPT) in addition to the intrusion alarm panel. It allows a Maxpro Intrusion panel to connect to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) within the Addsecure ARC eco system, that can respond to any alarms according to pre-defined action plans, depending on service subscribed from ARC. The integration is easily programmed through Maxpro Cloud and monitored 24/7 to verify continuous availability of alarm service.

This end-to-end solution is a perfect fit for the fast evolving security communications market, with increasing IT focus on simplicity, data and security. Combining Addsecure’s renowned alarm transmission services with Honeywell’s new Maxpro Intrusion panel provides the integrators and installers with the platform they need to stay in step as customer needs increase.

Honeywell’s Maxpro Intrusion is a new cloud integrated intrusion platform that delivers a unique multi-site experience through intuitive physical and software user interfaces that can adapt to any size installation. It natively integrates with access control and with video through cloud.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Honeywell to provide customers across Europe with a smart, secure and efficient, end-to-end alarm transmission solution,” said Stefan Albertsson, CEO of Addsecure.

Addsecure’s secure critical communications solution Addsecure Inside provides partners with secure connectivity and a dynamic selection of ARC within the Addsecure ARC eco system. The mobile communication and data traffic between the alarm panel of choice and the cloud is monitored 24/7 to verify continuous availability of alarm service between the panel and the ARC, fulfilling relevant grade in the EN standards. The solution enables secure 4G roaming communications within Europe and beyond.

“This integration makes the Maxpro Intrusion platform even easier for integrators, installers and end-user customers to use along with the reassurance of secured critical communications,” said Drew Aitken, Commercial Security, Global Offering Leader, Honeywell.

Maxpro Intrusion connected thru Addsecure Inside capable service is available now in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, and the company expects it will be available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, France, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic during the second half of 2020.


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