Ability unveils Driven By OSSA edge AI cameras

Taipei, Taiwan

Camera products bearing the "Driven by OSSA" mark are running the Azena open Operating System and following the OSSA Technology Stack

Earlier this year Ability Enterprise released a complete line-up of smart AI edge cameras, thought to be one of the first commercially available video security devices designated by the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) to bear the “Driven by OSSA” signage mark. The use of this mark is only authorized to members of the Open Security & Safety Alliance, indicating those camera products bearing this seal are running the Azena open Operating System and following the OSSA Technology Stack including the OSSA Application Interface Specification and OSSA Compliant Camera Definition Specification.

“Ability is one of the first OSSA members,  and we are proud to participate continuously in the ecosystem that facilitates cooperation among camera manufacturers, developers, integrators and end users,” said Jonny Wu, Senior Director of Ability Enterprise. “With the underlying system-on-chip (SoC) platform, super fine optical lenses and the best-of-breed Auto White Balance (AWB), Automatic Focusing (AF), and Auto Encoder (AE) algorithms, our smart AI edge cameras allow sophisticated AI engines to be developed and run seamlessly on this highly integrated and powerful architecture.”

Ability’s newest “Driven by OSSA” smart AI edge cameras incorporate various robust technical features and are available in different form factors for multiple application scenarios. For example, the dome type MD2 is designed for indoor behavioral analytic applications. The IK10/IP66 grade vandal dome type VD2 is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses such as access control systems at schools, corporate landscapes and smart buildings. The bullet type EBL2 is also IK10/IP66 graded and ideal for outdoor property surveillance applications across factories or business parks. These smart AI cameras offer an open platform with great flexibility - allowing users to select from a range of options offered through Azena’s application store than can immediately run on any of these cameras.

“We are particularly proud and excited about the release of our Driven by OSSA smart cameras as Ability is a productive member within the Alliance and the entire ecosystem as a leading ODM/OEM smart camera and module manufacturer,” continueds Jonny. “Customers of our Driven by OSSA smart cameras can take immediate advantage of more than 100 applications already available on the Azena App Store and simply deploy the final system in a very short time period. Moreover, the flexiable system architecture of these OSSA compliant cameras allows for easy switching of applications on the fly, which means there is no need for double investment in the camera hardware if customers want to reuse our “Driven by OSSA” smart cameras in another project and/or for different applications. This is a huge benefit and cost savings for Ability customers who rely on our top class camera OEM/ODM services,“ concluded Jonny.


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