Wireless locking brings businesses into the 21st century

London, UK

Most modern employers want to make their workplace into a more responsive, more flexible environment. Upgrading security offers a major quick win.  Frustration is often part of the package with old-fashioned locks and mechanical master-keys, wireless access control on the other hand, including Smartair — is designed around security, control and convenience.

Smartair devices come in a subtle, contemporary design — no clunky wired doors — they have proved attractive enough for high-spec co-working spaces and prize-winning architecture; and robust enough for a hectic university campus. In addition to the aesthetics and practicality of the wireless option, Assa Abloy explains why the electronic route is capable of providing much more for a business than just a locking solution.  

1. Be more productive. Adding wireless access control makes workplace security flexible and responsive. It’s easy to create access time schedules for different user groups. So, if your cleaners should access only after office hours, then the Smartair access control system can handle it. If a team relocates, it’s easy to change their access permissions en masse — and with zero interruptions to everyone’s workflow. The bundled Smartair admin software makes it easy to achieve all this (and more) from an intuitive interface.

2. Spend money wisely. How much of your budget gets eaten managing mechanical keys? With Smartair, you can forget about keys altogether, replacing them with easily programmable smart-cards. You don’t need to change your doors or pay for expensive cabling. Should the CEO lose her key-card, cancelling it and issuing a replacement is simple, almost free and instantaneous. Battery-powered, wireless locks also deliver ultra-low energy consumption compared to traditional wired access locks. And with Smartair, your investment is protected: you can expand your system at any time, or upgrade its functionality, without having to begin again from scratch.

3. Make staff happier. Happy staff are more loyal and more productive. With its focus on user experience, Smartair can banish everyday frustrations. It’s easy for managers to programme just the right level of access for freelancers and contractors. Facilities staff could open doors remotely or get a real-time site security overview. Employees can use their Smartair access card for the canteen, vending machines, changing room locker locks and even the photocopier. And with the new Openow app from Smartair, you don’t even need a key-card (or to wonder where you left it).

4. Create the right impression. With Smartair and the Openow app, employees and visitors can open authorised doors with their mobile phone. Facility managers can issue virtual keys to anyone who needs them — and revoke them whenever they choose, or set them to expire automatically at a certain time. No more plastic key-cards means there’s no need for a card activation terminal on reception or elsewhere, and no need for your visitors to hang around waiting. You just send them a time-limited virtual key ahead of the visit. With Openow, if you have your phone, you are already carrying your keys.

5. Maintain your aesthetics. There’s a Smartair wireless lock to fit pretty much any door. Battery-powered escutcheons and cylinders fit wood, glass, emergency exit and fire doors, and there are wall readers for high-traffic entrance doors, barriers and lifts.

The complete Smartair solution includes wireless escutcheons, cylinders, wall readers, locker locks and more; the intuitive Smartair TS1000 software; and the enhanced new Openow app management functionality.


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