Vivotek smart campus solution strengthens campus security

Taipei and Taichung, Taiwan

The constant emergence of campus security vulnerabilities has garnered significant attention from the public. In order to ensure the personal safety of students, a well-known national university in Taichung, Taiwan, aspires to implement a comprehensive campus security solution. The goal is to upgrade the existing security infrastructure and adopt real-time network monitoring equipment, replacing the long-standing analogue signal systems.

This initiative aims to strengthen campus security, especially in an era where heightened awareness of cyber security protection is essential, establishing a secure and reassuring campus environment.

Passive to Pro-active

The current analogue signal camera security system employed by the university is passive in nature, lacking the ability to take immediate action in response to incidents. Therefore, the university hopes to enhance security through proactive smart monitoring services, detecting individuals, vehicles, and abnormal events. Specific behaviour detection is set up for designated areas to enable swift action in the event of a crisis. Given that accidents often occur in an instant, Vivotek’s campus security solution allows for the immediate detection of dangers, safeguarding student safety and increasing the confidence and trust of educational authorities and parents in the security measures in place.

The new smart solution brings a range of benefits and advantages over the old analogue system:

Real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis

According to Vivotek the installation involved 5 million basic bullet-type IB9380-H and hemispheric FD9380-H network cameras in the classrooms on the campus. These cameras feature excellent night vision and Wide Dynamic Range Pro (WDR Pro) technology, providing high-quality monitoring for different types of classrooms with varying lighting conditions. For corridors and large meeting spaces within campus buildings, IB9389-EHT were deployed, allowing real-time adjustment of the monitoring range. These cameras also utilise built-in intelligent video analysis to tag events such as intrusion, loitering, crossing lines, crowds, running, and lost or abandoned objects. This facilitates immediate notification during crises and enhances post-event playback efficiency. In areas like the playground and parking lot, PTZ cameras SD9384-EHL were chosen for their ability to track moving objects with 30x optical zoom, ensuring real-time protection and efficient tracking of suspicious individuals or vehicles, maintaining clear imaging.

Comprehensive cyber security protection to prevent potential attacks

In light of recent incidents involving the leakage of surveillance footage, information security has become a top priority for the university. Choosing Vivotek, a company with production, manufacturing, and research and development in Taiwan, ensures not only advanced security technology but also Trend Micro cyber security protection. This safeguards the monitoring system against malicious attacks, ensuring it remains free from potential threats and attacks. Additionally, compliance with the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) further enhances the cybersecurity network, guaranteeing the security of research outcomes for faculty and students.

Integration of software and hardware for a comprehensive solution

For the security solution at a well-known national university in Taichung, Vivotek not only deployed cameras with intelligent analysis capabilities but also integrated hardware devices for smart searching and detecting violations and restricted areas. The tagged and analysed image data is stored in network hosts NR9782-v2 and NR9682-v2, further analysed by recognition and reporting management systems. This information is then combined with the user-friendly video management platform VAST 2 for event searching, replay, push notifications, and other functions. This integration enhances the efficiency of video monitoring, allowing the university to comprehensively oversee every corner of the campus, strengthening both security and management efficiency.

Optimised security mechanisms

Vivotek has provided a comprehensive campus solution for the well-known university in Taichung, replacing outdated analog surveillance equipment with new, analytically-capable network cameras. This successful implementation has established a robust security network, optimising security mechanisms through real-time monitoring. The integration of image data systems and application management software has significantly improved campus security management and the ability to handle emergencies promptly. This comprehensive solution creates a safer and more conducive environment for students and faculty, fostering a friendly learning and working atmosphere.


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