Vivotek secures manufacturing facilities of Coficab

Arad, Romania

Last year Coficab Eastern Europe Srl needed to install a video surveillance system as critical to continuing success and to address security concerns resulting from the rapid growth of business and completed a project to include a comprehensive video surveillance system from Vivotek to provide security for the over 14,000 square metres of its facilities, including its manufacturing plants, office space, warehouses, parking lots, and the grounds outside buildings.
Coficab is one of the world's largest players in automotive cables and wires, with a market share of over 13% globally and approximately 30% in Europe. The company counts many of the world's most prestigious automotive brands among its clients—including BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Renault, and VW. It maintains state-of-the-art production facilities in numerous countries, and among these is Coficab Eastern Europe SRL, its manufacturing subsidiary located in Arad, Romania.

Top priorities for the new security system were the ability to reliably monitor access points to all physical plant, as well as the production lines inside its manufacturing plants.

To meet its needs for a sophisticated and reliable system, Coficab selected Vivotek as the supplier of both cameras and the video management software. Bitland SRL, Vivotek’s Romanian distributor and the local system integrator worked closely with Coficab on the project. In the end, a total of 42 Vivotek network cameras were installed— 20 IP8332, 16 IP7161, and 6 IP8161.

The IP8332's role is to monitor outdoor locations. With its IP66-rated weatherproof housing, built-in IR-cut filter and IR illuminators effective up to 15 metres, the IP8332 is ideally suited for the role, able to capture high-quality video both during daytime and at night while withstanding adverse conditions outdoors. The camera's high-resolution 1-megapixel sensor ensures that sufficient detail is available in surveillance video. Another advantage of the IP8332 is its PoE support, which allowed Coficab to make use of existing network cabling, thereby sparing the expense of additional electrical wiring.

For most indoor environments, the IP7161 was chosen. With its high-definition 2-megapixel resolution, the IP7161 can deliver extremely clear and detailed video, while its ePTZ function enables product managers to quickly shift the field of view to and zoom in on production lines for monitoring purposes without moving the camera physically. In addition, some IP7161 cameras were also fitted with protective enclosures and installed outdoors around parking lots and other locations. The IP7161’s true day-and-night functionality makes it ideally suited for monitoring Coficab's large parking areas, able to capture clear, readable images of license plate numbers even under challenging light conditions.

Finally, Vivotek’s IP8161 network camera was charged with the most challenging of Coficab's video surveillance applications, such as those requiring accurate identification of people, including both employees and visitors. Featuring a 2-megapixel sensor, the IP8161 is able to provide a wide field of view while delivering exceptional detail, significantly reducing the number of cameras that needed to be installed, making cost effectiveness one of the factors in its favour. Excellent video quality coupled with exceptional bandwidth efficiency was one of the many other strong qualities which made the IP8161 Coficab’s choice for this critical role.

Providing the software backend integrating all the 42 Vivotek cameras is Vivotek’s Vast, the most comprehensive centralised video management software, featuring reliable recording, easy system administration, and excellent scalability for a diverse range of IP surveillance applications. Vast provides Coficab with a sophisticated platform for recording, playback, and remote administration of a large-scale system monitoring and event trigger management while offering ease-of-use and efficient operation despite its powerful functionality.

Coficab Director Attila Kun remarked, "We are very pleased of this brand-new video surveillance system. The cameras are a perfect fit for our needs. Due to the wide coverage and the high quality video provided by the Vivotek cameras, security personnel can easily monitor the activity around the key points day and night without missing the slightest detail."

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