Vivotek ranked among Taiwan top performers

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek has been named in the "2012 Top 2000 Survey" - a comprehensive business ranking in Commonwealth magazine.
Vivotek ranks 14th among the companies listed in "Taiwan's Top 50 Performers", which focuses on the business performance over the past three years of the companies listed in the "2012 Top 2000 Survey". The growth rate of revenues and after-tax net profit, return on equity, and total after-tax net profit were the basic evaluation criteria. With strong and steady financial and operational growth, Vivotek stood out among the 2000 companies and was recognised as one of Taiwan's top 50 companies in terms of business performance.

Vivotek, since its founding in 2000, has made R&D, sales, marketing, and technical support the core of company operations. The company has quickly grown into a leading brand in the network video surveillance industry and built up a comprehensive channel sales network that spans over 80 countries. Most importantly, Vivotek highly values investment in R&D, which is specifically focused on the development of video codec technology, networking protocols, and multimedia SoC designs. Drawing on the strength and depth of its R&D capabilities, Vivotek has been able to continuously deliver innovative products to the market and win several international awards, such as the GIT Security Award 2013 and The Best Innovation Product Contest organised by MIPS.

1350 manufacturing companies are listed in CommonWealth magazine’s “2012 Top 2000 Survey”. Among these manufacturing companies, Vivotek, with a 16.23% net profit rate, ranks 60th in terms of profitability. Moreover, in 2012, Vivotek’s revenues of NTD3.47 billion, an increase of 20.74% over the previous year, were a company record. In the “2012 Top 2000 Survey”, Vivotek ranks 680th overall, and 76th among the 150 companies in the PC Peripherals and Components category.

Vivotek Chairman Owen Chen stated, “Commonwealth magazine has conducted its Top 1000 Survey for more than 20 years, expanding it this year to cover the top 2000 companies. The survey has become a benchmark in Taiwan since it not only provides Taiwanese companies with a great source of encouragement, but has also turned into a driving force behind industry growth. It is a great honour for Vivotek to achieve 14th in the 'Taiwan’s Top 50 Performers' ranking. Going forward, Vivotek will enhance intelligent surveillance systems and continue to expand our global business. Also, we will continue developing diversified applications with innovative features, leading Vivotek to achieve our next business peak!”

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