TKH Security partners with University of Miami Health System

Miami, Fl (USA)

Image courtesy of TKH Security

TKH Security is partnering with the University of Miami Health System (Uhealth) to implement an automated parking guidance system (APGS) at its anticipated new addition to the healthcare system in Doral, Florida. With more than 500 parking spaces across seven levels, simplifying the parking experience is a key focus for Uhealth. Their new APGS will assist patients, visitors, and employees to park faster and with less anxiety.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the University of Miami Health System on their exciting new state-of-the-art facility at Uhealth Doral,” commented Thomas Alexander, Regional Account Executive, Southeast. “This facility plans to transcend the patient experience to new levels with world-class care and our camera-based technology will be one of the many amenities contributing to the exceptional patient experience that Uhealth is always known for.”

The automated parking guidance system at Uhealth Doral will include innovative Park Assist Solution technologies that integrate with pay station interfaces, where, if needed, patients and visitors can seek help to find their vehicles easily with Park Finder. The core component of this system is the camera-based M5 smart sensor. Positioned strategically above the driving lanes, each M5 smart-sensor is equipped with two CMOS digital cameras, capable of monitoring up to six parking spaces (three on each side). Boasting an accuracy rate exceeding 99%, the M5 includes a full spectrum RGB (LED) indicator that offers customisation options with thousands of colours. These colours can signify occupancy, parking space types, and more. This technology reduces parking time by up to 63%, effectively managing traffic flow and alleviating congestion in and around parking facilities like the campus at Uhealth Doral.

UHealth Doral’s automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes VMS-NAV signage strategically located at garage entrances to offer advanced messaging features, enabling visitors to check availability prior to entering; a customer experience API integration which allows the APGS to connect with pay stations where patients and visitors can easily locate their vehicles using Park Finder; and the company's exclusive INX platform, providing comprehensive data analytics, covering both real-time and historical trends, to enhance understanding of metrics such as dwell time and turnover rate.

“The parking and transportation team selected TKH Security as the right partner for this development for our exceptional track record of projects in the South Florida area as well as our extensive experience partnering with major hospitals and healthcare systems around the country,” said Alexander.

Construction of the Uhealth Doral facility is well underway. The installation of the Park Assist solution is due to begin in July 2024 and set to be completed by the fall for the facility’s grand opening.


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