Thai Mega Mal enhances surveillance solution

Vancouver, Canada

At 4 million square feet, the Centre is one of Thailand’s largest retail complexes

Avigilon technology has been selected to help protect Megabangna Shopping Centre in Samutprakarn, Thailand, Southeast Asia’s largest low-rise shopping centre.

At 4 million square feet, the Centre is one of Thailand’s largest retail complexes, comprising over 840 retail shops and 10,000 parking spots. To enhance safety and help prevent retail losses, the Centre has installed a full Avigilon surveillance solution with more than 500 Avigilon cameras, including HD bullet, HD dome and HD multisensor cameras, Avigilon network video recorders, Avigilon video encoders, and Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software. With the success of the security solutions implemented, the Centre has also deployed Avigilon’s security solutions in its new car park building.

Avigilon HD multisensor cameras were selected because of their exceptional image quality and flexible design that capture multiple angles up to 360 degrees of the Centre’s busy open areas, helping to maximize scene coverage and minimize blind spots. Combined with the advanced search functions of ACC, the Centre’s security operators have the ability to conduct fast video searches and accurate investigations when an incident has occurred.

“Clear video surveillance is integral to our ability to respond to security events, locate lost items and accurately assess liability claims,” said Miss Paphitchaya Suwandee, Megabangna Shopping Centre’s President. “With Avigilon’s HD cameras and ACC system, our operators can quickly search footage and zoom in with precision to identify a person or object of interest, saving us time, effort and money during an investigation.”

“As a leading retail security provider, we understand the unique challenges facing the Centre and provided a comprehensive solution that addressed its security needs,” said James Henderson, Avigilon’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “The Avigilon solution the Centre implemented is an excellent example of how retailers can reduce total cost of ownership while still meeting high security standards.”


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