Taiwan presents customised SOC cloud solutions at ISC West

Taipei, Taiwan

At ISC West 2024 in Las Vegas next month, Deeplet, a Taiwan based surveillance equipment manufacturer and TSSIA member, will be showcasing its latest developments in DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras, as well as system solutions designed to integrate with a cutting-edge AI Cloud Platform.

Based on a core concept of “Taiwan SoC/Taiwan R&D”, Deeplet has achieved recognition through direct cooperation with SoC, as a supplier with technical authorisation to develop several comprehensive video surveillance products/solutions, which are also offered as compliant to NDAA/TAA standards. In addition to the line of  DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras,  the company also offers a diversified portfolio of AI integration appliances and services such as self-developed VMS/CMS remote management and control products, multiple streaming servers, solutions provider, cloud infrastructure and is able to act as a third party AI company.

“How smart does the AI need to be?” is an important question and will define how well a solution can perform. Deeplet’s intelligent surveillance R&D team offer the capability of integrating a wide range of video/data devices into various AI management platforms. With the everchanging requirements and demands for AI in the market, Deeplet positions itself as a company to help improve diversified innovative solutions to meet the needs of the comprehensive AI security ecosystems of today. 

Deeplet's R&D team has already successfully integrated Taiwan’s reputed P2P cloud with a multinational AI Cloud for various applications and the need for target vertical markets in retail, transport and logistics, which not only enhance field security, but also add value to derivative innovative business opportunities.

In addition, Deeplet video products can also integrate with home automation, access control, smart appliance device cloud services via an SDK or open video API. The goal is to pursue two-way protection, since, the basis of so-called true “security" places emphasis on equipping a DVR or NVR as a local backup and the cloud as a remote storage facility, as both are equally critical. For example, if an accidental fire was to occur on site and cause data to be destroyed locally, the cloud would still retain archived evidence, or vice versa, if a hacker should attack the cloud and data were to be lost, then the backup files would still retain the information locally.

With rich R&D experience and an aim to continuously improve integration capabilities, Deeplet specialises in offering the most effective AIoT/Cloud solutions tailored for customer needs.


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