Surveillance video helps to clarify accident dispute

Taipei, Taiwan

Provideo cameras have recently provided the Taipei police with conclusive evidence about an accident where there were no additional witnesses.

Late at night last month, driving through Taipei city, Mr. Roy Chang turned through an intersection through a green light and suddently collided with a running pedestrian. There were no other witnesses.

During the site interrogation by police officers, Provideo surveillance cameras were spotted and relevant footage of the accident site was retrieved. Through the surveillance recording system, hard evidence was provided in clear video quality of the night scene, which clarified what had actually happened and defined who was responsible for the accident.

The Provideo IP camera is implemented with a 1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD sensor that performs in high sensitivity to light conditions and reproduces clear and high resolution (up to full D1 quality) in both day and night ambient conditions. Not only with excellent video quality, the Provideo IP camera is embedded with a multiple encoder (H.264/MJPEG/MPEG 4) and supports dual streaming in transmission as well as dynamic IP user features. With the APP installed, the captured video images from the Provideo IP camera can be displayed live through most available 3G smart phones, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android cellphones.

In a letter of appreciation to Provideo Mr. Roy Chang expressed his gratitude: "...As there were no other witnesses around, I was afraid as it is not easy to settle responsibility in this type of dispute and it could have been a difficult situation for me. Luckily, we discovered one of your surveillance cameras located oppositve the scene of the accident." He also indicated, "Thanks to the superb video quality of the camera, objects at the night scene were clearly visible and identifiable. With this sufficent proof, I have been proven not guilty of causing the accident."

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