Suprema facial recognition integrates with Nedap AEOS

Seoul, Korea and Groenlo, The Netherlands

Suprema has integrated its latest facial recognition devices into Nedap's access control system, AEOS, enabling organisations around the world to manage access control by making use of Suprema’s latest facial recognition technology.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the security and building management industry, resulting in a surge of interest in contactless access control. Thanks to the flexibility of our open platform, we have been able to quickly adapt to these changing customer requests. We have a great partner in Suprema who stands at the forefront of biometric innovation,” said Ruben Brinkman, alliance manager at Nedap.

For the past years, Suprema and Nedap have continuously released new integrated solutions. Suprema achieved this facial recognition integration by using Nedap's Bio-API,.specifically developed to enable biometric solution integration into AEOS.

“The addition of Suprema’s face recognition devices with Nedap AEOS will allow customers to take advantage of a wider variety of Suprema’s biometric solutions. Suprema and Nedap will continue to strengthen our collaboration to bring new innovative solutions to quickly adapt to market needs, such as the recent demand for contactless security solutions,” said Hanchul Kim, the CEO of Suprema Inc.

The integration utilises a ‘single platform’ approach, meaning that there is no need for operators to switch screens. They can continue working in AEOS to manage enrolment and biometric identities. The biometric profiles are stored in Suprema’s security platform Biostar 2 and are constantly synchronised with AEOS. an information exchange safeguarded through SSL certificates, which provides strong encryption.

Both Nedap and Suprema are strongly committed to maintaining the integration, ensuring future backward compatibility and adding new functionalities along the way.


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