Sri Lanka airport deploys smart solutions to protect flight zones

Hangzhou, China

So far, the system has guaranteed the takeoff and landing of more than 60,000 aircraft, guarding the safety of 10 million passengers throughout the year.

The specialist Dahua Airport Solution provides customers with efficient visual security solutions tailored for flight areas, terminals and public areas in order to meet both monitoring and early warning needs of modern airport security. 

In 2018, one of the largest airports in Sri Lanka adopted the Dahua Thermal Imaging Perimeter Monitoring System to protect the safety of its flight zones. The system has guaranteed the takeoff and landing of more than 60,000 aircraft, guarding the safety of 10 million passengers throughout the year.

In addition to basic CCTV, access control, and alarm, Dahua Airport Solution also integrates cloud computing, AI, big data and other up-to-date technologies to deliver an upgraded airport security system to its customers.

The system features functions such as, Intelligent Detection in Terminal, where artificial intelligence technology is applied in terminal building areas to fulfill passenger behaviour analysis, personnel loitering detection, unattended baggage detection, population density analysis, traffic statistics and other functions that can aid intelligent early warnings, thus creating more customer value.

The Perimeter protection monitors the airport with thermal imaging technology, which is suitable for various weather conditions and provides users with high-precision intrusion detection warning. Combined with a visible light camera, users can capture a clear picture of an incident.

Face recognition technology has also been widely used in the airport vicinity. It is deployed at key entrance and exit areas to identify people entering the airport and to provide users with timely warning when a high-risk individual has been detected.

The take-off and landing tracking feature monitors the process that is probably considered the most dangerous and complex stage during the entire flight. The Dahua Visual Aircraft Landing and Tracking System can completely track and monitor the status of aircraft take-off and landing. The system can detect abnormal conditions on time - such as when the landing gear are not lowered normally - which ensures the safety of the aircraft during takeoff and landing.

The system can effectively collect images around the clock and allows automatic monitoring of intrusion events under special weather conditions such as total darkness, glare, backlight, fog, smog, etc., which assures accurate detection with reduced false alarms. Indeed, the security level of the airport has been further improved and the efficiency of the security has been optimised.


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