Smiths wins major US airport contract

Edgewood, Md (USA)

Smiths Detection Inc. has been awarded a $6.5 million contract to supply advanced technology X-ray scanners, accessories and service for carry-on baggage screening under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Advanced Technology 2 (AT-2) contract. Similar scanners, procured under past awards, are already deployed at airports across the United States.

The Hi-Scan 6040ATIX (automatic threat identification X-ray) scanners, which combine multi-view, high resolution imaging with sophisticated software to detect explosives and other threats, will be delivered over the next eight months. The ATIX is capable of detecting a wide range of threats and illegal substances and can be readily adapted as new threats emerge.

Terry Gibson, President of SDI, said, “Our top priority is advancing safety and security through technology. The ATIX scanners are a testament to this promise, delivering world-class screening capabilities to protect against evolving threats. This award highlights our ongoing commitment to support Department of Homeland Security agencies, helping them keep the public safe.”

Manufactured in the USA, the scanners will be be rigorously tested before installation at numerous airports around the country.


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