SAFR partners with Geutebruck Pacific on facial recognition

Seattle, Wa (USA) and Sydney, Australia

Realnetworks, Inc., creator of AI facial recognition platform, SAFR, has entered into a strategic partnership with Geutebruck Pacific, one of the world market leaders in video management systems. This new partnership sees Geutebruck Pacific sign an exclusive distribution agreement with SAFR for Australia and New Zealand.

We are very excited to have this exclusive license sales agreement for our AI facial recognition software SAFR for the ANZ market with Geutebruck Pty Ltd.,” said Noriaki Takamura, Vice President of APAC Sales & Business Development, SAFR. “I hope we can solve a lot of social problems and enable digital acceleration in the ANZ market with the Geutebruck team and their integrated VMS with SAFR.”

The partnership with SAFR effectively expands Geutebruck’s competency in video analytics. Under the new partnership, security operators are supported with the ability to immediately recognise unwanted persons in restricted spaces by triggering an alarm within milliseconds. The access of unauthorised persons can also be identified reliably in video recordings. Using the .gbf image format, the videos are also accepted as judicial evidence.

“We decided on SAFR, Realnetworks’ AI facial recognition, because of its nearly 100% accurate recognition,” said Anthony Brooks, Managing Director, Geutebruck Pacific. “SAFR allows Geutebruck video recordings to be analysed even more accurately, faster, and automatically. With SAFR, we are pleased to offer our customers this exceptional AI component that efficiently enhances an organization’s safety and security.”

SAFR’s facial recognition speed offers analysis and results delivered within ~0.1ms, making it an ideal solution for physical access control without delay. SAFR can be applied to meet a variety of physical security, workforce management, and health-safety applications with ease. Applications include, but are not limited to, access control, watch lists for security surveillance, demographic analysis for digital signage whilst maintaining stringent privacy protection and GDRP compliance, e-payments with multi-factor authentication, and more.


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