RTI and Ksenia partner on technical integration

Ripatransone, Italy

RTI and Ksenia have partnered to create a new driver to manage home automation applications, by developing an integration between the Ksenia Lares 4.0 control unit and the RTI controller.

RTI allows total control of any intelligent home automation environment, from residential to commercial, focusing on customized automation. The goal is to create solutions that can automate, and therefore simplify, the control of audio, video and other aspects that are part of Home Entertainment.

The driver was developed to integrate the Lares 4.0 system into the RTI platform, interfacing thanks to the supervisor plugin. The integration currently provides for the activation / deactivation of the security system and the execution of the various scenarios such as inclusion / exclusion of zones; arming / disarming of the single partition; on / off and switching of outputs, manageable from the keyboard after entering the user PIN; status management with relative run-time update of the icons on the graphic map.


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