RT Stream solution helps fire drill in Taiwan's longest tunnel

Taipei, Taiwan

RT Stream International, or RTS, has been once again invited by Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) to participate in the 2022 Taiwan Hsuehshan Tunnel fire drill.

The Hsuehshan Tunnel is the longest freeway tunnel, length of 12.9 kilometers, in Taiwan. This ambitious construction project began in 1991 and it was officially opened to traffic in 2006. As it is the main route for traffic between Taipei and Yilan, the daily flow of vehicles is extremely high, with only two lanes in each direction. Due to the topography of the tunnel, being a narrow and close terrain, ventilation within the tunnel is very important, an issue which could be lethal.  If any car accidents were to cause a fire inside the long tunnel, it could cause massive casualties and be a tough and challenging task to carry out a rescue plan. 

As practice makes perfect, the fire drill for the tunnel is carried out on a yearly basis.  And for this operation, RT Stream has been invited by the Northern Regional Office, Freeway Bureau of MOTC to participate in the Taiwan Hsuehshan Tunnel fire drill in the second quarter of 2022.

During a simulated emergency accident, the rescue teams and firefighters operate the mobile emergency system (F01) and integrate the recently released Mesh Portable Base Station (M01). The RTS M01 uses long-distance Wifi to establish a communication network and solve the issue of devices not being able to receive signals in the tunnel. The RTS F01 body worn camera worn by rescue team members transmits the video with sound to the mobile main-deck M01 which maybe mobile or installed at the entrance of the tunnel; both transmit via an efficient 5G signal.

The entire RT Stream system solution has not only provided quick response and mission management while an emergency accident occurred at the drill, but also affords a solution for daily inspection for the tunnel and mountain patrols.


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