Panomera confirms ID of perpetrator at football match

Regensburg, Germany

The Panomera video materials which are usable in court have been released to the police to assist with further prosecution.

On 3 May 2019, during the derby football match in Turin, a fan of Juventus Turin made offensive reference to the victims of the Superga plane crash of 1949, in which 18 players of local rival FC Turin lost their lives. Juventus officials were able to identify the man in video recordings soon after the match ended and ban him from the stadium. Crucial evidence for the identification was supplied by the patented Panomera multifocal camera systems from German manufacturer Dallmeier.

Soon after the end of the derby match, a video surfaced on social media in which a Juventus fan is shown with outspread arms imitating an aeroplane, mocking the victims of the Superga plane crash. In that tragedy almost exactly 70 years before, on 4 May 1949, a total of 18 players of rival city football team FC Turin lost their lives.

Thanks to Dallmeier´s Panomera, high-resolution zooms in the recording deliver justice to the offender: After Juventus Turin was made aware of the existence of the video, security officials searched for the man in the video recordings from the surveillance cameras for high-resolution footage to identify the man.

The patented Panomera multifocal sensor systems from Dallmeier have provided security for Juventus Turin’s Allianz Stadium since 2014, as they do in many other football stadiums all over the world. The main advantage of the installation system for Juventus is that the Panomera systems permanently deliver a complete recording of everything that happens with a defined minimum resolution density, even over very large surveillance areas.

At the same time, Panomera cameras are also capable of zooming in on any detail of the entire scene in high resolution – both live and in the recording – and so guarantee identification of individuals which is admissible as evidence in court. This is another significant advantage over conventional solutions which implement combinations of megapixel and PTZ cameras.

As a result, security officials for the Turin Allianz Stadium were able to find and identify the suspect on the video playbacks within a day. He has been banned from the stadium for 5 years, and the video materials which are usable in court have been released to the police to assist with further prosecution


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