Nice Systems provide solution for Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

NICE Systems a global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract Insight from Interactions to drive performance, has just announced that it has received a follow on order for its smart video solutions to help secure the Eiffel Tower.

With real-time, distributed digital video security solutions and advanced video analytics, NICE helps streamline security operations and protect the Eiffel Tower, enabling site managers to identify risk in real time, make optimal decisions, and take action that improves security.
NICE provides real-time threat detection. With advanced digital video analytics they can easily retrace the steps of suspicious individuals and verify whether the event indeed constitutes a real security risk. The result is enhanced safety of visitors to the monument.
"Currently deployed at a large number of high-profile city-centers, national monuments across the world, and highly trafficked locations, NICE's solutions have become the preferred choice for ensuring the safety and security of citizens and tourists. The continuing preference of NICE by this market is a testimony to our quality and reputation," said Israel Livnat, President of NICE's Security Group. "We are honored to be part of this project to and contribute to the protection of France's premier monument and its visitors."

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