New stadium in Finland ensures security with contactless access

Tampere, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden

In the arena, the doors are opened with access rights stored on mobile devices and wristbands. Credit Tomorrow AB , Studio Libeskind, Aihio Arkkitehdit

A fully-integrated access management solution from Abloy will ensure smooth, secure and safe access for customers and staff at the newly-opened Nokia Arena in Tampere, Finland.

With a capacity of 15,000 people, the visually-striking Nokia Arena also includes a restaurant, hotel and casino. To ensure the easy passage of its anticipated 1 million customers per year, plus 600 permanent staff and numerous temporary workers during events, it is essential to separate public areas from premises accessible only to employees or hotel guests.

The carefully-tailored solution implemented by Abloy combines the assets of Abloy OS access control, including overall management and access rights to smart devices, electromechanical Protec2 Cliq locking products and keys, wireless Aperio door handles and Abloy Exit push bars.

In the arena, the doors are opened with access rights stored on mobile devices and wristbands. “For example, an ice hockey team training in the rink does not have to worry about losing or returning keys to the right place when their access rights expire at the end of the session,” says Jani Helenius, Property and Security Manager at Nokia Arena. When granting access, it is also possible to determine which premises can be accessed and at what times.

“The locks are integrated into the work shift system of the arena’s restaurants,” says Mikael Ermala, Key Account Manager, Abloy. “For example, when a waiter arrives at the beginning of his or her shift, the access rights granted to the person immediately take effect in the necessary premises.”

Directing an audience of 15,000 to safety in case of emergencies is essential. That’s why the locks on the arena doors are integrated with the fire safety system. Smooth evacuation is ensured by Abloy push bars, so that the doors open quickly and easily when needed.

“Nokia Arena is a striking example of security trends, where access rights are becoming digital and door environments are touchless,” says Jari Perälä, Vice President, Domestic Sales and Marketing, Abloy Oy. “In this development, various human resources, space and access management systems are integrated.”


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