New security software company makes public debut at ISC

New York, NY and Port Charlotte, Fl (USA)

Founded by a trio of highly experienced and known professionals with well over 100 years of combined experience in the physical security market, Active Intelligence recently made its public debut at ISC East 2022.

The company was founded in 2019 with a very ambitious goal of transforming video surveillance systems from reactive tools to preventive, proactive solutions. With the launch of Astra, AI-driven video solutions can now be applied to mainstream video security applications.

Active Intelligence’s founders include industry veteran Ken LaMarca, CEO at Active Intelligence and 33-year sales and marketing veteran in the physical security industry. Jordan Heilweil, Chief Revenue Officer at Active Intelligence, bringing 37 years of experience in advanced video surveillance solutions to the organisation. And Charles “Chuck” Andrews, Chief Strategy Officer at Active Intelligence, renowned industry influencer, and founder of “Friends of Chuck” – a digital community of security professionals with over 100,000 members.

“Active Intelligence is taking a modern approach to video security with the development of a new software powered by AI and proprietary algorithms that detects and alerts on all anomalous events, without the restrictions of conventional rules-based systems,” said LaMarca. “Astra is designed to help security professionals detect both known and unknown threats by identifying statistical anomalies in video feeds.”

Active Intelligence’s flagship product, Astra detects anomalous events by first learning what is normal in a specific camera’s field of view, and then detects abnormalities to alert security operators that an anomaly has occurred. This covers a nearly infinite range of events like a person lying on the ground, physical violence, fire and smoke, pedestrians walking in front of moving vehicles, thefts, vandalism, traffic jams, wrong way driving, and much more – all without the need for rule configuration. In addition to physical security, Astra’s extreme versatility is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial and industrial business intelligence applications.

Headquartered in Port Charlotte, Florida, Active Intelligence is rapidly expanding its core team of software engineers, sales representatives, and marketing professionals. With several highly successful beta site deployments to date, Active Intelligence is poised for tremendous growth and expansion in 2023.


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