NATO selects Thales to supply situational awareness NCOP technology

Paris, France

One year after signing the contract to deliver the NATO Common Operational Picture (NCOP 2) system, Thales and GEOS have been selected to deploy the software at 30 NATO sites and train operators to use the decision support tool in theatres of operations.

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has selected Thales to deploy the NCOP 2 system, which will provide shared operational situational awareness for joint forces under NATO command, and to train future users.

Selected after an international request for proposals, Thales has demonstrated its ability to support the customer at every stage of the project, from system design to entry into operational service.

The land, air and naval units engaged in joint operations field many different types of command systems, all of which generate huge amounts of georeferenced operational information. NCOP will capture, aggregate and correlate all this information in a cyber secure environment to generate a single comprehensive picture of the theatre of operations, providing a Common Operational Picture (COP) that will ensure each entity has a shared view of the locations, actions and intentions of forces in the field.

To meet this requirement, Thales has developed a software system based on an open architecture, with specialised modules that draw on the company’s experience of different aspects of the command chain and are fully compliant with commercial and military standards. The system is designed to provide operational users with secure access to multiple COPs overlaid on a base map.

Having been selected for Increments 1 and 2 of the NCOP programme, Thales is continuing to help NATO enhance its mission coordination, planning and command capabilities, and has now been selected in partnership with GEOS to deploy the software and provide training for users.

The NCOP 2 system is currently under development, and will be deployed in 2023 after field testing. The Thales teams will deploy this new NCOP 2 capability within NATO’s own infrastructure and will ensure continuity of operational service for end-users.

In addition to installation, the services provided by Thales and GEOS will include comprehensive training for system administrators and users as well as on-site technical and operational assistance throughout the system adoption phase.

“This new selection reinforces our historical collaboration with the NATO Communications and Information Agency. We will build on the ongoing development of the NCOP 2 system and demonstrate Thales’ ability to deliver fully integrated solutions for our customers.” Gérard Herby, Vice President, Protection Systems, Thales.


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