Music festival ensures full safety & security with Milestone

Copenhagen and Jelling, Denmark

Milestone equipment was used this year to help keep the crowds safe at the Jelling music festival in Denmark, Image courtesy of Milestone Systems

Attending and partying at rock festivals should be both safe and fun. In Jelling, Denmark, smart video cameras installed at the stages, entrances, and across the vast campsite assist security staff by providing extra eyes, allowing for quick responses when up to 40,000 people gather for this year’s festival.

“Good enough is not good enough. The safety of the audience and guests must be first class,” says Peter Tanghus, Head of Security at the Jelling Music Festival.

Tanghus explains that Jelling Music Festival has collaborated with Danish video technology experts to develop new safety solutions for the nearly 40,000 people who party and enjoy themselves over four days. Other festival organisers are taking notice.

“We are proud that, together with Milestone Systems, we also use the festival as a development platform and find new solutions that can be used at other events. For example, after testing last year, we have now installed thermal cameras in the campsite, so we can quickly detect and stop illegal campfires and barbecues,” says Peter Tanghus.

Counting the crowds

Kim Andresen, the technical chief for the festival's security, developed the new solution while working his regular job as senior solutions engineer at Milestone Systems. Right now, he is focused on getting the technology in place and ensuring it works.

“It's exciting that we can also use a big event like Jelling for development. However, in the days leading up to the festival, it's all about getting ready. A lot had to be built and installed in a short time before the party could start. The Commando Truck had to be cabled with all the technology, servers, and screens, and 60 cameras were installed around the site and in the vast campsite,” Kim Andresen explains.

As well as providing security surveillance, the video technology at this year’s festival will also focus on testing software that can make cameras even smarter, for example, to accurately count how many people are in a specific area around the stages.

“It's crucial that with the 60 cameras, we have extra eyes to look out for people. Now we are working with software that can make the cameras even smarter and more efficient,” says Peter Tanghus.


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