Motorola modernises 911 calling route in North America

Chicago, Il (USA)

Motorola Solutions recently showcased how it is modernising Next-Generation Core Services (NGCS) to shorten response times and improve location accuracy for 911 calls throughout North America at NENA 2022, in Louisville, Kentucky. NGCS is the technology that determines and routes 911 calls to the appropriate emergency communications centre (ECC), and enables 911 call takers to send and receive text messages, images, video and data, to and from callers. Motorola Solutions is among the first NGCS providers to utilise the caller’s location to route 911 calls to the ECC.

Today, approximately 12 percent of wireless 911 calls nationwide are misrouted, requiring the ECC to manually transfer the call to the correct center for response – adding up to 40 seconds to the 911 call processing time. Motorola Solutions’ approach to NGCS helps reduce call transfers by utilising the caller’s location to route the call to the correct ECC, compared to current technology that routes the call based on the caller’s proximity to the nearest cell tower, which could be miles away.

“Simplifying mission critical workflows and saving precious seconds is a key design ethos for Motorola Solutions’ public safety software, which is why providing agencies with NGCS technology that provides accurate location-based routing to better serve their communities is so critical for us,” said Dan Twohig, vice president, Next-Generation Core Services, Motorola Solutions. “The speed and accuracy with which a 911 call is routed can sometimes be the determining factor between life and death. We’re dedicated to driving purpose-built technology behind routing 911 calls to help ensure the public gets the help they need, when they need it most.”

Many agencies in the United States and multiple Canadian provinces have selected and deployed Motorola Solutions’ NGCS offering, covering more than 25 million people to date.

“In Brazos Valley, we’ve never shied away from innovation, and NGCS was so important to delivering 911 call routing services that we identified and competitively awarded the best solution to meet the requirements for our agency and our community,” said Anita Pitt, 911 program manager, Brazos Valley Council of Governments (Texas). “But, that’s not all. We created a path for other agencies to move forward with NGCS. We worked with our regional Council of Government (COG) counterparts – Central Texas COG and Heart of Texas COG – and developed a cooperative purchasing agreement that allows any ECC in the country to purchase Motorola Solutions’ NGCS offerings.”


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