Mobile surveillance reduces Accident Rate

Hong Kong, China

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Smart city has become a major trend in today's urban development, the monitoring system is also moving forward to a smart transformation. To reduce accident rate significantly, OT Systems has developed a unique mobile IoT solution, a one-stop integration solution which ensures the safety of staff and controls the access.

The system breaks the limitation of fixed monitoring and greatly enhances industry management capabilities in data acquisition with the software and hardware integrated solution.

It features Intelligent Video Analytics and Big Data Management in function. Its cameras capture images will be in AI Analysis processing; by using deep learning edge technology, the mobile system helps to prevent accident effectively and promote the concept of public safety. 

In associate with different technologies, the Position Tracking & Accident Alarm function makes the system to quickly respond on any movements that predict may be an accident instantaneously at workplace. Set access control on staff with different positions and vehicles for different purposes may reduce the risk of robbery and theft; an alarm will be activated to the safety officer when an event and/or accident defined.

The Management Platform is offered with the system.  It will manage HR information, generate a report with big data on all safety-related incidents and personnel management materials for training planning and operations management, while making project decisions efficient with lower risk.

"This new Mobile Surveillance Solution, from OT Systems, is a pioneer and first case to be applied at the construction sites or work places" said by Calvin Wong, Director of Business Development, OT Systems. "It is an ideal solution for identification/border check, access control, accident prevention and project management." 


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