Leading trainer joins board of elite team of maritime security experts

Vienna, Va (USA)

Mark DuPont, Executive Director of the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, has joined as a member of Ares Security’s Maritime Advisory Board. Ares Security Corporation currently protects the World’s most critical assets with the Avert security software solutions that are utilised by the government, critical infrastructure, public safety, and commercial clients. Mr. DuPont has joined as an advisor to help guide Ares’ global maritime customers and business development initiatives.

“We are fortunate to have the nation’s top maritime training expert on our team,” said Ben Eazzetta, CEO of Ares Security. “Our business will benefit greatly from Mark DuPont’s encyclopedic knowledge of training doctrine, and his U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) service and distinguished maritime career also strengthen what is already a deep bench of distinguished maritime professionals.”

Ares Security created the Maritime Advisory Board earlier this year to support growth and expand on its expertise in the global maritime market. This Board is an elite team of former U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Admirals, and other maritime industry leaders, with deep knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of topics in the maritime domain. The firm is benefitting from decades of leadership experience, as well as the extended network that these individuals bring to the table.

“We can mobilise our expert maritime team, on short notice, to provide guidance and context for complex business initiatives,” said Luke Ritter, Chairman of the Maritime Advisory Board and SVP of Maritime at Ares Security. “Many of our Board members have spent their entire careers focused on defeating maritime aggression, deterring criminal acts in the maritime domain, and applying advanced technology solutions to solve complex problems. It is a privilege to focus their wisdom on our business initiatives at Ares.”

The Maritime Advisory Board currently includes the former U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Undersecretary of Science and Technology, the former U.S. Coast Guard 8th District Commander, and the former Director of USCG Information and Technology. As a Warrant Officer in the USCG, Mark DuPont led the development and implementation of law enforcement, intelligence, and domestic security policies and training programs in the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks, that still function as the standard today. “I’m not aware of another company in the world that can deliver this depth and breadth of maritime expertise,” said DuPont. “I’m honoured to join this elite team working to bring Ares software solutions forward in the marketplace.” In addition to 28 years of distinguished service in the U.S. Coast Guard, Mark DuPont served as the Chief of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission, Intelligence and Domestic Security Office. He was also formerly a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Port Security Specialist, and a Maritime Homeland Security Policy and Doctrine Officer.


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