Key infrastructure player deploys customised Iloq solution

Oulu, Finland

Founded in 2002 (as a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom), Deutsche Funkturm (DFMG) is a key player in developing infrastructure for German mobile network operators, broadcasters, operators of radio relays, and the radio networks of authorities and other institutions. With more than 35,000 antenna sites, it is the largest operator of radio infrastructure in Germany and the 3rd largest in Europe.

The company's portfolio includes around 20,000 rooftop locations. The sites are currently accessed using mechanical keys. To minimize operating and administrative costs, DFMG decided to replace the previous access solution with a customised solution from Iloq.

In 2021, Iloq created an initial prototype for the lids based on the battery-free and keyless Iloq S50 solution. With Iloq S50, an NFC-enabled smartphone is both a key and a power source. The smartphone’s NFC induction generates enough electrical energy to identify access rights and open the lock. Access rights, which are centrally managed using a single cloud-based SaaS platform, are sent remotely and in real time to an app running on the technician’s smartphone. They can be updated as necessary or blocked immediately to eliminate security risks involved with lost, stolen, or unreturned keys, reduce unauthorised access and safeguard on-site equipment.

Iloq’s prototype fulfilled all legal and regulatory requirements and the customised product, which has been certified by DFMG, is now being rolled out to all rooftop sites as a first step.

"Iloq's intelligent, digital products increase security and simplify the management of access to our radio sites and critical infrastructures. The user-friendly software solution enables us to grant or withdraw new access rights quickly and efficiently. Both we and our customers and contractors are delighted," states Cornelia Essing, Head of Site Access, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH.

After the roll-out at the rooftop sites, DFMG will, according to the company, implement intelligent, secure, and sustainable solutions from Iloq for its radio towers in Germany.


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