Kaspersky opens new facilities in Japan, Singapore and US

Ingolstadt, Germany

In an effort to demonstrate its Committment to providing customers and partners with security assurance on its products and practices, Kaspersky has opened three additional Transparency Centers worldwide — in Japan, Singapore, and the United States. The new facilities expand opportunities for customers and partners to learn more about Kaspersky’s engineering and data processing practices, and review the company’s source code and other areas of the business.

IT technologies now contribute to almost every aspect of our lives, and the scope of data entrusted to them grows exponentially each year. This has turned data processing into the backbone of digitalised societies. As data generation keeps skyrocketing worldwide, data processing volumes are following suit and increasing dramatically. Committed to ensuring customers and partners are informed about how the company’s products work, and the engineering and data management practices in place led Kaspersky to launch the Global Transparency Initiative (GTI) aimed at empowering company stakeholders with knowledge and giving them the confidence to trust Kaspersky.

One of the GTI's cornerstones included opening a global network of Transparency Centers — trusted facilities where customers and partners can review the company’s code, software updates, threat detection rules, and other activities. According to Kapersky, no other cyber security provider has done anything as far-reaching as this. In opening these Transparency Centers, Kaspersky is taking a significant step towards becoming completely transparent in its protection technologies, infrastructure and data processing practices. Since the launch of the first center in 2018 in Zurich (Switzerland), Kaspersky has launched several more and now operates code review centers in Madrid (Spain), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and São Paulo (Brazil).

The newly opened Transparency Centers will welcome the company’s enterprise partners and customers, including state agencies and regulators, responsible for cyber security. Two more facilities in APAC — in Tokyo and Singapore — ensure the company’s greater proximity to stakeholders in this region, while the centre in Woburn, MA in the United States, will serve as a new venue for the company’s North American Transparency Center, which used to be located in New Brunswick, Canada.

Andrey Efremov, Kaspersky’s Chief Business Development Officer, said: “We are the first company in the cyber security industry to open our source code for external reviews. Kaspersky has been working hard to prove that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner. I would like to invite our potential and existing customers, and government regulators to our new Transparency centres and we will do our best to answer all possible questions about our source code, threat detection rules, software updates as well as about our engineering and data processing practices.”

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