HID highlights the importance of Zero Trust solutions

Austin, Tx and San Francisco, Ca (USA)

At the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco, HID Global highlighted its family of passwordless authentication and phishing-resistant credential solutions that secure user identities in the digital and physical space, as well as industry-leading digital certificates supported by PKI-as-a-Service that protect the workforce, networks, and the entire ecosystem of connected IoT devices.

“It’s great to be back in person at the 2022 RSA Conference and share how HID can ensure no person, device, or workplace goes unprotected,” said Matthew Lewis, Product Marketing Director, HID Global at the event. “There are ongoing innovations to discuss across our authentication, credentialing and PKI-based solutions, and we hope to share our perspectives on industry topics, like ‘passkey’ from the FIDO Alliance, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. We are also excited to sponsor the FIDO Alliance’s seminar and showcase our joint effort with Microsoft on pairing Azure AD certificate-based authentication and our credential and credential management capabilities.”

“We are also showcasing our cloud-based credential management and managed PKI services offering at RSA, which enables organisations to bridge from current to modern security technologies by automating and scaling certificate provisioning and management for every user, system and device,” said Mrugesh Chandarana, Director Product Management, Identity and Access Management Solutions, HID Global. “HID’s trusted identity security solutions enable organisations to outsource the complexity of running best-in-class PKI and credentialing technologies while retaining the control of their digital keys– all with greater flexibility and lower, predictable cost.”

The specific products, services and solutions on show at RSA included:

Comprehensive authentication and credential solutions: Including products like Digitalpersona, Workforce ID Digital Credential Manager and Crescendo smart cards and security keys that provide flexible authentication and high-assurance credentials options with support for multiple protocols and use cases including FIDO, PKI, machine login, application multi-factor, and more.

Managed PKI services built around PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS): These solutions protect data, internet communications, and network and mobile devices, while also adding a layer of trust to the IoT ecosystem. Also on display, HID Identrust can help secure websites with SSL/TLS certificates or deliver solutions for U.S. Federal government, healthcare or other regulated industries.


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