Hanwha helps protect park life

Chertsey, Surrey (UK)

Wisenet cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin have been installed in the Slovakian National Park of Veľká Fatra, to enable animal lovers and students to remotely observe the behaviour of birds, bears, boars and foxes in the wild.

14 Wisenet cameras have been deployed in carefully chosen locations throughout a wooded area which is known to be a migration trail for large beasts. Some of the cameras are permanently sited, but others are regularly moved around to reflect the changing seasons and when, for example, storks leave their nests.

The cameras were installed by Spoločnosť Profi-Net,s.r.o, one of Slovakia’s fastest growing network and infrastructure specialists. “For a number of reasons, including the remote location, this has been a technically demanding project,” said Ivan Darani of Spoločnosť Profi-Net,s.r.o. “However, with the close cooperation of everyone involved in the project and with excellent support from the National Park’s administrators, we have been able deliver a robust video monitoring solution that everyone around the world can enjoy having access to.

“We tested cameras from a number of different manufacturers in terms of their ability to capture the required quality images in varying light and weather conditions. The Wisenet cameras stood head and shoulders above the others and our decision to recommend them to has been more than justified by their ongoing reliable performance.”

Ivan Darani and his colleagues at Spoločnosť Profi-Net s.r.o worked closely with Hanwha Techwin Europe’s locally based technical team for Czech Republic and Slovakia, in order to specify the ideal Wisenet cameras for the projects.

Among the models installed are a number of Wisenet PNO-9080R 4K bullet cameras which are able to capture 12 megapixel images. These cameras have built-in IR illumination as well as a Digital Auto Tracking feature, which during times of low activity such as night time, can be used to detect moving animals. They are also equipped with defocus detection which recognises when a camera is out of focus, as well as lens distortion correction (LDC) to deliver optimised images in every situation.

Commenting on the success of the National Park of Veľká Fatra video monitoring project, Ivo Darani, Network Engineer at Spoločnosť Profi-Net,s.r.o said: “We are delighted with the quality of the images captured by the Wisenet cameras and particularly so as they recently helped us save the life of a man who got lost whilst wandering around the Park. He had injured himself after falling over several times and was hypothermic.

“It would normally be very difficult to find someone within such a large wooded area, but fortunately one of our operators spotted him with the help of one of the Wisenet cameras. The man was exceptionally lucky as another camera captured images of a bear just 30 metres away!”


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