Gunshot detection market to reach $11.15 billion by 2032

New York, NY (USA)

The global gunshot detection system market size is expected to reach USD 11.15 billion by 2032, according to a new study by Polaris Market Research.

Development of IoT & cloud platforms, together with smarter, quicker, and more affordable AI engines, has, according to the findings, made it possible to develop a new generation of indoor gunshot detection technology. The latest wave of gunshot detection technology is redefining the cost of system hardware, sensors, software, installation fees, and monitoring services. In June 2022, Israel Aerospace Industries has unveiled the Othello-P, its newest advanced passive gunshot detection system (GDS) technology.

The process utilises short-wave infrared optical and acoustic sensors, as well as artificial intelligence analysis, to pinpoint the origin of gunfire. It can be employed in place or fastened onto manned vehicles or unmanned systems for on-the-move missions. Therefore, the adoption of advanced technology by the public and private players in these systems is driving market growth.

Further, the cloud, which offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with the minimal fees & affordable fees, makes strong mobile & web-based management software. The advancement of market technology has made it possible for businesses to purchase gunfire detection devices. Gunfire detectors employ active shooter technology strategy, owing to their potential of saving lives.

Key take aways from the research

  • The outdoor segment is anticipated to grow rapidly over the forecast period because of the increase in demand for any size building with any number of levels that can employ the procedure for finding gunfire.
  • Defence and government currently dominates the global market. This type of system is employed in the defence industry to identify areas where heavy weapons will be fired.
  • Asia-Pacific is a growing market geographically with a high CAGR over the study period. The analysts suggest that future cities will deploy innovative technologies to enhance security.
  • The report cites global players in this market, such as, 3xlogic Corporation, Alarm Systems, Amberbox, Databuoy Corporation, Information System Technologies, Louroe Electronics, Qinetiq Group, & Raytheon Technologies.


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