Foreign Ministry invites Iloq to speak at major business event

Espoo, Finland

Erja Sankari, COO, Iloq

Iloq Chief Operating Officer, Erja Sankari, was recently invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to moderate a business event in Oulu on 3 February 2023.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a core member of Team Finland for export promotion. Their main network includes embassies and consulates-general that support Finnish companies' export efforts abroad and Team Finland partners that provide companies and other actors with information directly from the field.

At the even, the Ministry brought together the heads of the Finnish missions in the US and Business Finland's North America Regional Director to Oulu, Helsinki, Turku and Tampere to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the US market and analyse developments from the political, economic and export perspectives.

Finnish Ambassador Mikko Hautala (Washington), Consul Generals Jarmo Sareva (New York) and Okko-Pekka Salmimies (Los Angeles) and Regional Director Petri Haahti from Business Finland also joined the events.

The highly interactive Oulu event included a panel with representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, ELY, the City Development Corporation and Finnvera. Direct questions and discussion, moderated by Erja Sankari, involving both the business audience and local representatives of the panel will be encouraged.

After the official event, panel members were on hand for more informal discussions and networking with business representatives.

“The US is the second most important export market for Finnish companies after the EU internal market. I am delighted that Iloq has been invited to take part in such an important event. As we are ramping up our operations in the US, it will give us first-hand knowledge of the infrastructure improvements, green transition and technological developments and also legislation and state specificities that will help us to achieve results,” states Erja Sankari, Chief Operating Officer, Iloq.

“By bringing our sustainable and disruptive technology to the US, we will release people and businesses from the constraints and risks of mechanical locking systems, offer major OPEX savings, create smart living environments, modernise buildings and enable employees to have the right access at the right time to the right building, office or facility,” concludes Joni Lampinen, General Manager, Iloq USA.


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