Cathexisvision wins stamp of approval

Durban, South Africa

Cathexisvision, the video surveillance management software suite from Cathexis Technologies has received another complimentary verdict from Benchmark as a “ Recommended” and “Best Buy” product for March 2019.

In addition, last year, Cathexisvision took first place for the prestigious 2018 Benchmark Innovation Awards in the video surveillance software category.

While video management system (VMS) solutions are often associated with large and complex applications with multiple benefits for high-end users, they also deliver bespoke functionality and a flexible value-added approach for smaller applications. This March, Benchmark examined various VMS solutions that would be ideal for SMEs and other smaller applications.

According to Benchmark, VMS solutions for smaller applications need to meet the criteria for simple installation, easy integration with third-party devices and excel in event handling.

“The power of a video management system (VMS) lies in its ability to provide users with an innovation that has practical and useable outcomes,” says Gus Brecher managing director of Cathexis Africa and business development director of Cathexis Technologies.

Cathexisvision has been designed to seamlessly meet these requirements, particularly when it comes to setup, integration and event-based rules. The Benchmark editorial team also remarked on the old-school-feel of Cathexisvision, which provides for simple and logical flow. Implementation was solid and stable throughout testing, and the ease with which analytics can be configured also made for a standout user experience.


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